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2 Tools for Instagram photo and video upload via desktop web

2 Tools for Instagram photo and video upload via desktop web

Do you have Instagram users? Instagram is a great photo sharing app, who does not know these apps? But fewer users on the internet do not know this.

It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger after the application began, It has gained such popularity that it has become 10 million users in 2 months. Videos and photos have been created to share, you can go live and read live videos and stories after the story.

But this trend has been changed to more commercially edited content. It’s easy to upload and edit a photo or video footage on a desktop computer.

If you upload a photo or video on a regular basis, you use a PC or laptop, you can post it on the Instagram app by sending an end version to the mobile device.

Some third-party desktop devices and apps have become available that can be connected to your Instagram account and you can upload photos and videos from regular computers.

Different tools are somewhat limited, because Instagram does not allow its API to be uploaded, but you can see some of the tools in the list below. That device allows the use of Instagram PC or Laptop.

I am going to tell about the two tools in this article. I’m not going to tell it with full history. Because I’m going to understand that you are intelligent.

I have explained this in the names and shorts of two tools. You will definitely like these devices and are easy to use.

1. Gramblr

Gramblr Instagram tool

The most popular third-party tools that upload photos from the Web to Instagram, this device is a desktop application that needs to be downloaded to your computer and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

2. Later

Later Instagram tool

If you have a scheduled post that is important to you, then post it at a specific time, then trying your handy calendar scheduling interface, bulk upload feature and convenient labelling to keep all your media organized. Probably the best, it’s free to use with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, even with Instagram as well.

With a free membership, you can schedule 30 photos per month for Instagram. Unfortunately, scheduled video posts are not offered for free offers, but the upgrade for Plus membership will provide 100 scheduled posts for both photos and videos in just $ 9 each month.

So you use these by online tools. If you know some tricks besides these two online tools, then share it or comment.

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