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If you want to participate in BlogAffix, you are welcome.

If you want to join our community, please read the following guidelines and start writing a guest post for BlogAffix.com.

I always encourage our next bloggers by writing the original article on our blog and placing them in front of a huge audience of my blog.

Before writing articles here, I give you some suggestions and issues so that your articles can be approved shortly, just look below.

How to be a contributor with BlogAffix?

If you want to publish your content on BlogAffix, your content must first meet the conditions below: This is our BlogAffix rule.

  1. Quality should be excellent in your content
  2. Your content must be at least 600 words long if an article is less than this length, then it will not be accepted.
  3. There should be no grammatical error in your content or spelling mistakes
  4. You can also add images and videos like visual content with literal content and must have at least one image with content
  5. You can write your article in your articles as per the list below.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Internet
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Marketing

If you have any questions in mind, send email to admin@blogaffix.com.

You will send your articles in MS words and image file attach to admin@blogaffix.com and finally, the warning, if the content has been copied, will not be accepted.

BlgoAffix Guest Post Thanks for reading!

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